Latest episode 311218

Reading excerpts from A Lost Lady by Willa Cather

Track listing:

  1. Magnetite by Emily Howard; Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. Bioluminescense by Lydia Ayers
  3. The Sun Was Chasing Venus by Charlotte Bray; Barbara Buntrock & Amaryllis Quartet
  4. Concert At Wbai Free Music Store by Suzanne Ciani
  5. Home by Angélica Negrón
Episode 100918

Reading excerpts from Thy Heart's Desire by Netta Syrett

Track listing:

  1. Esperando el coche by Carmen Barradas; Patricia Pérez (piano)
  2. Prelude in G minor by Elsa Barraine; Anne Laver (organ)
  3. Sonata in E minor by Florence Price; Maria Corley (piano)
  4. Soir d’hiver by Nadia Boulanger; Nicole Cabell (soprano)
  5. 'Round Midnight by Valerie Capers
  6. J’ai frappé by Nadia Boulanger; Nicole Cabell (soprano)
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