Duplicate organisation identifiers

Duplicate activity identifiers

Download and import errors

Error count

File type total count

Total number of duplicate organisation identifiers
Total number of duplicate activity identifiers
Activities refer to total number of activities that have been downloaded and parsed successfully during the nightly import. Includes duplicate data.
Files refer to total number of restored files due to current parsing errors during the nightly import.
Organisations refer to total number of organisations derived from the data. Includes duplicate data.

File type count per dataset


DatasetIATI Registry dataset identifier (link opens in new window / tab)
PubIATI Registry publisher identifier (link opens in new window / tab)
AIDIATI activity identifier
PIDIATI organisation identifier
TypeFile type can be activity or organisation
CountTotal number of instances counted
NumTotal number of activities or organisations in the dataset
ErrorError messages encountered during import
DescriptionVerbose description of error
UrlLink to publisher provided data source (link opens in new window / tab)


Cleanerr converts the logs from DataIATI and displays them as tables.
These logs are also available as csv files: [Download Errors] [Download Counts]

Logs are updated daily.

Project by Wetgenes, 2021-present